About Go CNG Pumps

As the current owners of Go CNG Pumps, Inc, Paul and Allen, were witness to the frustrations that the changes in the FuelMaker organization had on the Natural Gas Vehicle industry and to the concept that every NGV owner should be able to refuel their vehicles at home. They realized the need for developing a sustainable option to service the current owners of the FuelMaker brand VRA’s that are in the market place. With their 35 years collective experience, they are committed to partnering with NGV professionals and novice owners alike in supporting fleet and private refueling options. Customer service, quality, and environmental sustainability is their driving force to support the mainstream user of foreign oil in their efforts to reduce their dependency on foreign resources and become more environmentally responsible.

As part of our commitment to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil and to stimulate the local and national economy, Go CNG Pumps, Inc. is committed to buying “Made in America” first. As we develop our strategic partners, this is the driving force in identifying potential candidates. We recognize that the choice to build up the people and communities that we service is at the foundation of our success.

Having the ability to refuel their vehicles conveniently is one of the core considerations that most people struggle with when weighing the options to purchase a new or used natural gas vehicle (NGV). As mutual stakeholders in the movement towards a more sustainable fuel source that is not dependent on foreign imports, we feel that it us up to all of us to do our part. We see our role in this shift from dependency to independence to be one of innovation, education, and application. Our highest priority is to provide “real world” solutions to the challenges that NGV owners face in refueling their vehicles through the private sector. We do this by responding to our clients requests or inquiries (be it an order, a technical question or a warranty request) in a professional and timely manner with the best communication possible during the process.